Juggling for

Corporate Workshops 

Socially distanced teams are now more common than not and that places a huge strain on some of the things teams and managers take for granted. There’s more pressure than ever now to provide teams with opportunities to maintain a sense of social connection, to keep them communicating and most of all, to make sure they have the tools to cope with social isolation and full time home working.


Juggling has become a metaphor for modern day life. Trying to juggle too many things at once, having too many plates spinning, feeling off balance. All these can apply life in the workplace.  As  an expert circus skills teacher I use  my experience those skills to get your teams moving, motivated, energised and excited about their own potential, and their teams. 


I have taught over 50,000 people how to juggle, and I’ve been a professional Jester for over a decade and I to have developed the skills and abilities to engage, inspire and motivate others through sharing my passion for teaching Circus Skills. I’m an expert at motivating people to reach their potential and to help them enjoy themselves while they do it.


In a time where teams are often feeling constantly 'plugged-in' it is more important than ever to find a way to switch off. Through these juggling sessions I am able to deliver an important message about how learning a new skill is a great form of active mindfulness. 

So, Why Juggling?

These full length sessions deliver all the impact and energy you could desire. An activity with real world results and a lasting skill.

Designed for high impact, quick results to motivate and excite delegates. The perfect morning or post lunch activity.

Everyone wants to learn to juggle. In this session they will. Fast. The perfect activity to get your team learning something new.

High impact session with a powerful message that your delegates can use today.

A personal Touch...

All sessions can be taught with delegates using no more than 3 pairs of rolled up socks. This works and makes it accessible to global events and audiences. However, for events in the UK that want personal touch, see below.


Elevate your event by purchasing the personalised package. This will not only allow each member of the party to practice with real balls instead of socks, it will also leave you a special token from the evening to practice with later!

For the small price of £15 per member, I will produce and deliver a personalised set of 3 juggling balls with your company logo for each member attending the workshop. 

Designed for high impact, quick results to motivate and excite delegates. The perfect morning or post lunch activity.